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Marjorie’s Christmas on the Farm

This manuscript was found at Hillside House in Hartford, KY and was donated to the Historical Society by Mr. and Mrs. English.  It is a story written by Tula Pendleton Cummins that tells about the rambunctious Marjorie and her adventures at Christmas.  Here are the actual pages:

Here’s the link to the transcript:

Mary Margaret Benton’s Diary

Mary Margaret Benton was born in 1900 and lived in Centertown, KY.  This is a transcript of her diary from 1917-1918.  During this period of time, America was becoming involved in World War I.  We have tried to be as accurate as possible when transcribing this diary, but there may be some mistakes.  The editor has added a little punctuation here or there to aid in the ease of reading, but for the most part it is transcribed exactly how she wrote it.  If there are dashes, those are in the original.

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  • Barbara Pendleton Jones

    I am the great-niece of Tula Pendleton Cummins and am working on a biography of her. I was delighted to find this story in her handwriting in your collection of documents (Marjorie’s Christmas on the Farm). Despite much research (Hartford newspapers online in the Library of Congress database, obituaries, etc.) , I have been so far unable to find a photograph of her. Do you have any leads?